VW Polo prototype 2017 review

2017 VW Polo

Sixth-generation VW Polo will be revealed this summer

Still like a smaller Golf? Well, yes, but now even more so – and if that’s what you want, it’s all the better for it

There are four words that have been attached to the Polo since it launched in 1975, proving to be both its greatest asset and shortcoming in equal measure: “Like a smaller Golf”.You might wonder why being a slightly shrunken version of an iconic, high-selling car that stands for grown-up quality, rugged reliability and common sense running costs could possibly be a bad thing – and to a large degree, you’d be right.But over time, the Polo has lost out; to the Ford Fiesta, Mini three-door hatch and Mazda 2, whose buyers like a bit more cornering verve and steering feel, and to the Skoda Fabia, whose buyers like to get the same qualities for a little bit less money.VW accountants haven’t been crying too hard, though, as the Polo remains a dependable seller, no doubt with a profit margin that’s notoriously hard to garner at this price point. Which raises the tantalising prospect of whether anyone at VW dare mess with what has been a successful, if uninspiring formula on this sixth-generation car. …read more

Source:: Autocar