Upcoming 600bhp McLaren 570LT to get top-exit exhausts

McLaren 570LT

Hardcore model with more power and less weight than 570S will be revealed on 28 June

The upcoming McLaren 570LT, a hardcore version of the 570S model that forms part of the firm’s entry-level Sports Series, will get top-exit exhausts as well as increased power, minimised weight and optimised aerodynamics, according to the car maker.

The Woking-based firm has released an image of the model ahead of its debut on 28 June, confirming it employs top-exit exhausts, which will not only save weight but also create a better soundtrack than a standard 570S.

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It follows an image released last week which showed the familiar rear of the 570S but with more aggressive tyres than the standard car, styling changes such as side blades for improved aerodynamics and one major omission: an exhaust in the normal position.

McLaren has confirmed that the model, which was scooped by Autocar in March, will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed when it will be driven up the famous Hill Climb.

It added that the model will be “limited to the few”, suggesting the car will be made in similar numbers to the earlier 675LT Super Series Model. Just 500 of the 675LT coupe were made.

The 570LT is tipped to have a power output of more than 600bhp, but the focus of efforts, as with the 675LT, has been directed towards weight reduction and aerodynamic optimisation.

Because it belongs to the Sports Series of McLarens, the new car is unlikely to receive quite the same extent of obsessive attention as the 675LT, which added more than £65,000 to the price of the £195,250 650S upon which it is based and included 110 component changes or deletions just to save weight.

But we could still see a car with a price that’s up from the 570S’s £149,000 to something nearer £200,000, before customers start splurging on lightweight carbonfibre options. Expect lighter wheels, reduced sound deadening, the titanium exhaust that’s already available through McLaren’s MSO department, thinner glass and perhaps a Perspex rear screen.

The new car is also said to be slightly more road-oriented in focus than the track-honed 675LT and therefore a perfectly usable everyday machine that should nevertheless acquit itself with honour on the circuit.The 675LT offered three times the downforce of the 650S, and McLaren will no doubt be looking for substantial gains on the 570LT too.

Don’t expect huge changes to acceleration or top speed figures, because the former is already traction limited and whatever additional power the car receives is likely to be largely offset by the drag created by that additional downforce. The real performance gain is likely to be best measured in a lap time.

The 570LT is likely to follow in the footsteps of the 675LT by offering limited-edition models of both coupe and spider variants.

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Source:: Autocar