Toyota Supra spied winter testing alongside the BMW Z5 convertible

Every time a new batch of Toyota Supra spy photos appears in our email, the entire Autoblog staff grows slightly more giddy in anticipation. When Toyota sets its engineers free, the automaker is capable of producing some wonderfully capable and formidable machines. Toyota head Akio Toyoda’s no-boring-cars creed, not to mention the fact that the automaker is partnering with BMW, gives us hope that, like the Subaru/Toyota BRZ/FR-S/86 mashup, the project may produce something more than the neutered and milquetoast Toyota products of late.

Just hours ago, we showed you new photos of the BMW Z5. The two cars share bones, but externally the two cars diverge quite a bit. Whereas the Z5 is a sleek and simple convertible, the new Supra is an aggressive and modern coupe. The doors appear similar and the wheels are obviously the same, but the fenders, hood, trunk lid, and bumpers are all far more aggressive on the Supra than the Z5. Expect some typically Japanese flair to offset the more conservative German styling. As always with camouflaged prototypes, details are difficult to distinguish, so we won’t know how alike the pair are until we see final production models.

The car in these photos appears to be a slightly more polished version of a Supra we’ve previously spied. Aside from the snow and some testing equipment, the two cars appear identical. There are still a lot of unknowns with this car. Expect two turbos and six cylinders, but it’s unclear if it will be a Toyota V6 or a BMW inline-six. Don’t rule out hybrid or turbo-four-cylinder power either. No matter what rests under the hood, we’re looking forward to it. The last Toyota-developed sports car we drove shows that, even after all this time, the automaker hasn’t lost its edge.