This parked Toyota Supra gives us our best look yet

Finally! We now have spy shots of the upcoming Toyota Supra that weren’t taken on dark, snow-covered roads. Our photographer managed to catch the car parked at a fuel station, meaning we could bring you some great stills of the still heavily camouflaged car. The close ups do provide a few new details.

Out front, we can get a good look inside the large air intakes at the corners of the bumper. A missing panel reveals what appears to be the tow hook mount. The intakes have two separate elements, suggesting the air is being fed to multiple locations (intercooler, brakes, etc.). We also have a good look at the nose, which from the front looks a bit like a pig’s snout. The clamshell hood is likely hiding a turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

The BMW wheels are wrapped in fairly aggressive Dunlop winter rubber. The brakes have four-piston fixed calipers and one-piece rotors. That should provide a decent stopping distance, depending on the tire. The mirrors are shared with the Z5 that we’ve seen testing elsewhere, though most of the bodywork is Supra specific.

The rear window looks small and, combined with the ducktail spoiler, doesn’t look like it provides much of a view. The two reflectors are set into the bumper, meaning that a more refined version will make it to the production model. The bottom center of the bumper has a circle of small holes. This may be the spot for the rear fog light that’s required in other regions.

Look for a full reveal sometime this fall, possibly at the Frankfurt show in September.

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