The UK’s most popular new car colours

The UK's most popular new car colours

Car buyers in the UK are beginning to fall out of love with white as demand for black increases for the first time in a decade

The UK’s most popular car colour for new registrations is white, according to sales data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

White remains the most popular colour choice for UK new car buyers for the fourth year running, and accounted for 552,329 sales in 2016, though this is a drop of 2.1% from the previous year.

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Registrations of cars painted black increased to 542,862 to account for 20.2% of total sales, only 0.3% behind white. Sales of black cars increased for the first time since 2007.

Other colours on the rise include pink with an 82.7% leap in sales in 2016 to 3527 units and bronze that took 8902 sales to be 44% up on 2015. Yellow is also back on trend in the top 10 with sales of 12,431.

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Losers in the colour chart are brown, which slipped 40.1% to ninth overall, and silver with a sales down to 273,220 compared to its peak of 843,870 in 2004.

Jane E Harrington, Colour Styling Manager of paint manufacturer PPG said: ‘Colour choices naturally change over time, though conservative shades such as silver, black and white tend to dominate. The important thing is for car makers to be responsive to the tastes of buyers as they come into the market and shift between vehicles types as they have families, buy a second car or want something more personal to them.’

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Source:: Autocar