The BMW Z5, a Toyota Supra twin, takes shape as camo drops

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of images and video of the Toyota half of the collaboration with BMW, the new sportscar we’re calling a Supra (and hope Toyota does, too). In September we heard a Supra whiz by, and in November we got a very clear view of the FT-1-inspired front end of the Supra, and now we’re getting a similarly clear look at what we’re thinking is the production-ready body of the BMW Z5.

The Z5 is a little sleeker and a little more classic-looking than its platform mate. It’s hard to miss the conventional softtop, so that’ll be a large divergence from the last-generation Z4, which made do with only a retractable hardtop. There’s a sense that the traditional sportscar shape and the fabric top could be a signal that the new Z5 will be more of a pure sportscar than its boulevardier predecessor.

The last Z5 we saw looked a lot less finished out back. Most of the camo loss has been at the rear of this prototype, and we’re seeing what we assume are production-ready tailights and a largely finalized rear bumper. It’s far less swoopy than the Supra coupe, with a lower rear decklid and a vestigial Bangle ducktail. The exhaust tips are rough and unfinished, but look for a similar quadrangle shape that echoes the new 7 and 5 Series outlets, likely with a sportier twist.

We’re expecting a twin-turbo six underhood, but whether it’s a Lexus V6 or a BMW inline six is an open question. Perhaps the Toyota will use one, and the BMW another. In any event, it’s nice to see the Z5 adopt a classic long hood, short rear deck profile and a conventional roof. We have high hopes it’ll be one of the most entertaining recent BMWs to drive if things continue along this path.

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