Suzuki Jimny 2018 UK review

Suzuki Jimny 2018 UK first drive review - hero front

Is charm enough to see the dinky new Suzuki Jimny succeed on British Tarmac? We’re about to find out

According to social media, the new Suzuki Jimny is just about the most endearing, ebullient, retro, fantastic, old-school and wonderful car to be released in 2018. So many times have phrases or words such as ‘cult-like following’ and ‘charming’ been used by the wider motoring press to describe it, you might be excused for mistaking the Jimny’s arrival for the second coming.However, while this seemingly non-stop praise might all be a bit exhausting, you can understand where it all comes from; new Jimnys don’t come around all that often (the previous model was on sale continuously for 20 years), and the fact that this one looks the way it does certainly isn’t doing it a disservice. Anyway, opinions on its image or character aside, we’ve now got the task of finding out how the Jimny – with its ladder-frame chassis, three-link rigid axle suspension and 101bhp naturally aspirated petrol engine – copes with job of dealing with the less-than-stellar British road network. Gulp. …read more

Source:: Autocar

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