Seat Leon X-Perience versus Subaru Outback – comparison

What makes a true crossover? We bring together two jacked-up estates from Subaru and Seat to find out

Welcome to crossover central. It’s a busy place, this. Alight here for: heinously overpriced 4×4 superminis, weirdo halfbreed hatchbacks, softened-up SUVs, ruggedised seven-seaters – and pretty well every daft, unpronounceable, meaningless new model name that the car business has conceived in the past decade.

The sheer choice on offer here for people with money to spend, ‘something a bit different’ in mind, and no descriptor more specific than the word ‘crossover’ with which to identify it, is… well, it’s a bit much. What’s needed …read more

Source:: Autocar