New Bentley Continental GT3 racer revealed

Race-going Continental GT3 has weighs almost 1000kg less than the road-going version, and has a 543bhp V8 under the bonnet

Bentley has revealed its new Continental GT3 racecar, a precursor to a hot Continental GT road car which will likely arrive by 2020.

It has the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 as the Continental GT V8, with a Cosworth engine management system, and when not restricted to GT3 guidelines, produces around 542bhp. The previous GT3 used a tuned version of the same engine with more power, but also more weight. Bentley collaborated with M-Sport on the racing model.

Kerb weight of the GT3 is down by at least 950kg; Bentley claims that the car weighs significantly less than 1300kg, from the road-going W12 launch car’s 2250kg.

The new GT3, based on the new Continental GT, features far more aggressive bodywork than the GT, with a deep front spoiler, wide wheel arches, aerodynamic fins and a huge rear wing. These are all optimised for aerodynamics and downforce, and are lighter than the standard counterparts.

Inside, there’s a FIA-spec roll-cage and six-point harness, while under-the-skin upgrades include a lightweight racing battery, race-spec ABS and traction control, carbon fibre propshaft and four-way adjustable racing dampers.

Bentley is hoping to clinch wins in the Blancplain GT Series with the model, following a sales launch in June 2018.

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Source:: Autocar