Mercedes-AMG C 43 Coupe 2018 review

Mercedes-AMG C43 2018 first drive review hero front

Greater shove and some subtle styling tweaks for the ‘baby’ AMG C-Class, but the C 43 Coupe makes less of a case for itself than the saloon or estate

You know the C43 – it’s the link between a mainstream C-Class range dominated by 2.0-litre engines and the full-blooded V8 barnstormers built by AMG in Affalterbach.The reason we’re driving it again is because for 2018 the entire C-Class range is being given a facelift. For the C43 that means greater power, some tweaks to the styling and a touch more flair within its overly sporting cabin, largely by way of a new digital instrument binnacle.These are subtle changes, mind. The output of the 3.0-litre V6 increases only from 362bhp to 385bhp, thanks to larger turbochargers (mounted in traditional fashion outside, rather than within, the vee of the cylinders) that operate at higher boost pressure. Torque increases not a jot, remaining at a healthy 383lbft, though it is now fed into the C43’s all-weather 4Matic driveline 500rpm later in the rev-range, at 2500rpm. It’s a recipe that has made this particular model something of a runaway sales success.It also means the car’s 0-62mph acceleration figures remain unchanged, at 4.7sec for the saloon and coupe and 4.8sec for the estate, which is quick enough so long as you can forget the fact a C63 demolishes the same measure in 3.9sec. Meanwhile combined fuel economy is rated at 30.4mpg for the saloon, which is enough for a range nudging 450 miles.Elsewhere very little has changed other than the addition of two aerodynamically ‘optimised’ allow wheel options of 19 and 20 inches in diameter. As such the suspension retains a four-link design at the front axle and a multi-link rear, and features steering knuckles from the C63 along with AMG-derived elastokinematics designed to yield high camber stability at speed (spoiler alert: this has worked).On the subject of suspension, the easiest way to tell a C43 from a C63 is the lack of grotesquely flared wheelarches, which leaves the junior car looking a little semi-skimmed by comparison. There are, however, new exhaust tips – four of them, circular and all the more old-school for it – and there’s also a styling pack for those who crave a more aggressive front splitter, rear spoiler and broader side skirts. …read more

Source:: Autocar

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