McLaren Senna vs 720S | Part 1: 0-100mph-0 showdown

McLaren Senna vs 720s

The first episode of our four part series pits McLaren’s 789bhp track hypercar against its more road-biased rangemate

The McLaren Senna is the most extreme machine to come out of Woking yet: a 789bhp track hypercar that can be driven on the road, and takes its name from one of the company’s greatest ever racing drivers.

It sits at the very top of McLaren’s range, knocking the 720S down into second place. But just how much of a step forward is the Senna over the 720S? We’re going to find out in this four-part series.

We’ll be pitting the pair againt each other in a track battle to set the best lap time, deciding which has the greatest soundtrack, and deciding which one is more fun to drive. But first: a drag race.

To see how far the Senna moves things on in terms of acceleration and braking, we take both cars from 0-100mph and back again.

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