Lotus Exige Cup 430 2017 review

Lotus Exige Cup 430

Using the Lotus Evora GT430’s engine and a host of chassis revisions, the Cup 430 is the most focused Exige yet – we head to Hethel to try it

The Lotus Exige Cup 430 represents the pinnacle of Lotus’s Cup models, the ultimate Exige and the quickest street-legal Lotus ever – a tantalising prospect if ever there was one.Indeed, Lotus stresses that this is a new model, rather than a development of the Exige Sport 380, substantiating those claims with a new engine (to Evora GT430 spec), extensive aerodynamic enhancements and overhauled suspension. How comprehensive are the updates? Consider this for attention to detail: even the front numberplate has been moved upwards so that air can flow underneath it, benefitting the aero balance.Lotus claims a lightest dry weight of 1056kg, which makes for 407bhp per tonne with a 430bhp total. So, 0-62mph is reached in just 3.3sec, and top speed is 180mph – some going in an Exige. Maximum downforce is now 220kg, split with more emphasis on the front (100kg) to improve high-speed turn in. The result of all this is an incredible lap time at Lotus’s Hethel test track of 1min 24.8sec – 1.2 seconds faster than the Sport 380. …read more

Source:: Autocar