Jaguar F-Type Predator – driving the 650bhp Aventador rival

Jaguar F-Type

Tuning company Viezu has pushed the F-Type’s power reserves to Aventador-bothering levels, creating the Jaguar F-Type Predator

How much do you pay per unit of Jaguar F-Type power?

The base 3.0 V6 coupé costs £154.55 for each of its 335bhp and the 375bhp V6 S £162.07 per horsepower, while the all-wheeldrive V8 R’s 542bhp requires £169.15 and the 567bhp SVR £194.

Visit tuner Viezu Technologies, however, and you can decisively improve the bhp-per-pound ratio. Viezu’s tuning costs £8108 on top of the £91,680 of a V8 R, taking the total to £99,788, with a cost-per-bhp of £155.68 – usefully less than …read more

Source:: Autocar