Italy faces EU legal action over Fiat Chrysler emissions case

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Italian government is accused of not properly enforcing regulations

The European Union has opened legal proceedings against the Italian government for not properly responding to allegations that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) cheated emissions tests.

Italian regulators are being accused of not testing FCA vehicles after it was found some models could feature defeat devices, like those used by Volkswagen in its emissions scandal case.

FCA hasn’t formally been prosecuted for any wrongdoing, but the EU believes Italian regulators have been slow to act.

This comes after authorities claimed that the Italian transport department negated to test FCA models during a period of retesting, where cars from other manufacturers were analysed.

In an official statement, the European Commission said «[We] are now formally asking Italy to respond to its concerns that the manufacturer has not sufficiently justified the technical necessity – and thus the legality – of the defeat device used.”

The Italian Government has two months to respond to the request. If it fails to do so, it could face legal action from the EU.

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Source:: Autocar