Government sets out £6.1 billion road improvements plan

Government sets out £6.1billion road upgrade plan

£6.1 billion of £23 billion road network upgrades have been earmarked for road improvements

The Government has set out plans for £6.1 billion of road improvements across the country, with the main aims being quicker journey times and better access between areas.

This funding is part of a wider a wider £23 billion scheme to upgrade the UK’s road network.

Eight projects will begin in the next 6 months, while consultations on a further ten will begin and 29 final plans will be submitted.

In total, progress will be made on 55 projects by the beginning of 2018. Some of these will be with a view to improving traffic flow and making roads safer – the A19 Downhill Lane junction in the North East and proposed plans for the A1 given as examples.

Unusually, air quality has not been mentioned in the scheme, despite the Government’s best efforts to improve this in UK cities. One London route is being improved; the A12 M25 to Chelmsford, while there will be a consultation on the M27, which links air quality blackspot Southampton with Portsmouth.

Director of the RAC Foundation, Steve Gooding, said: “The fear has always been that road programmes, like the morning mists, have a tendency to fade away before our eyes.

“This latest unveiling is therefore a particularly welcome demonstration that the promised money is not only available but is being spent on schemes that really matter, and that our calls to remember the local roads — where our journeys begin and end — are being heard.”

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