Driving the Dodge Viper Venom 600 – Throwback Thursday

Dodge Viper Venom 600

In 1997 we got behind the wheel of a car that was incredibly unrefined and very loud, yet somehow unimaginably desirable

The Dodge Viper has always been a deviant. A dissident, even, given that it blasted away from Chrysler‘s 1980s zeitgeist of exceedingly forgettable models, such as the boxy Dodge Aries and the beige-personifying Plymouth Caravelle.

The emergence of the low, long-bonneted, cab-rearward Dodge Viper RT/10 concept at the 1989 Detroit motor show captured the imagination and, since 1992, with the arrival of the first production version, three generations and countless variants of this car have thrilled us. But …read more

Source:: Autocar