Audi A3 three-door and Volkswagen Scirocco axed in UK

Three-door 3dr Audi A3, Volkswagen Scirocco

Three-door hatchbacks at the Volkswagen Group are in the firing line as sales of the Audi A3 and Volkswagen Scirocco end

Orders have now closed for three-door versions of the Audi A3, as the motor industry moves away from three-door hatchbacks. Construction of the Volkswagen Scirocco has also ended.

This means that the A3 variants now available are the Sportback, Convertible and Saloon. Orders have closed for the three-door, but the current cars on order mean that the A3 three-door will officially exit production in November.

The Volkswagen Group, as well as the wider industry, is abandoning sportier three-door hatchbacks in favour of quicker-selling five-door variants, favoured by buyers for their increased practicality and resale prospects. The Scirocco’s demise was previously hinted at by VW Group executives, as was the Beetle hardtop‘s, although this model remains.

The A3 was one of only a few three-door hatchbacks left in the VW Group stable, leaving just the three-door Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Up, Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii city cars.

A more rakish liftback variant is slated to replace the three-door A3 in the car’s next generation, which will hit the road in 2019. No replacement is yet in the pipeline for the Scirocco, although an eventual hot electric ID hatchback is likely to indirectly fill the gap.

Official word is that the T-Roc small SUV is likely to absorb some of the Scirocco’s sales and that, unofficially, a hot T-Roc R variant will indirectly replace the Scirocco R.

The only Sciroccos now available are the remaining UK stock, numbering less than 1000.

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Source:: Autocar