Aston Martin V8 supercar expected in 2022

Aston Martin rumoured V8 supercar

Aston Martin’s upcoming mid-engined V8 supercar will go head-to-head with the Ferrari 488 GTB; it’s one of seven upcoming models from the firm

Aston Martin‘s new business plan is set to culminate in the company producing a V8-powered mid-engined supercar, company executives have revealed to Autocar.

Aston’s ‘second century plan’, colloquially described as “s*** or bust” by ebullient Aston CEO Andy Palmer, will result in the company releasing one new model every year until 2022, when the range will be complete and model replacement will begin anew.

The Aston Martin-badged mid-engined supercar is likely to generate the most interest among enthusiasts when …read more

Source:: Autocar